This section will introduce the products available at the Acutronic Robotics website:


The SoM facilitates a common interface (HRIM) that enables communication among different robot modules, regardless of the manufacturer.


Extend robot modules and add additional functionality using our AI-powered API available through the SoM.


H-ROS-empowered modules are recognized automatically. Build robots that adapt and change depending on available hardware.


The SoM enables distributed sub-microsecond clock synchronization accuracy. Allowing accurate motion control coordination and accurate sensor data timestamping.


Powered by a hybrid architecture and featuring Linux, the SoM delivers a deterministic firm real-time operating system.

Resilient networking

The SoM enables applications to operate predictably in the presence of network congestion.

ROS 2.0 Hardware

Purely distributed robot modules built with ROS 2.0. First class participants of the ROS 2.0 ecosystem.


An encrypted computing and communication environment. Hacker-tested robot modules through continuous security audits.

Automatic updates (OTA)

Over-The-Air (OTA) updates for robot parts. The SoM keeps robots and robot modules updated, seamlessly.


Applying individual policy rules, the SoM ensures that modules meet their specifications and don't compromise the network.


The SoM allows for a variety of different redundant network architectures (daisy-chain, line, ring, tree, etc.), gaining reliability.


The SoM enables the growth from individual modules to large robots filled with hundreds of them in multi-network setups.

Backward compatibility

The SoM includes mechanisms to integrate any existing IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet) standard protocol providing backward compatibility.

Traffic shaping

Reserve bandwidth for high-priority traffic with the SoM while, at the same time, ensuring that best effort traffic will continue to flow.

Bandwidth allocation

The SoM allows to dynamically estimate the available bandwidth in the network and empowers roboticists with its status.