Modular Robot gripper - Product specification

Electrical characteristics Description
Power input 48Vdc
Communication interface 1 Gbps Ethernet network interface with IEEE 1588 and TSN support
Electrical connector H-ROS® connector A-M-3
Topology End-point

Software characteristics Description
Robotics framework ROS 2 Crystal Clemmys
Information model Hardware Robot Information Model (HRIM®)
Communication middleware Data Distribution Service (DDS)
Simulation Gazebo
Operation system Embedded Real-time Linux
Security Dedicated crypto chip (tamper resistance, cryptographic key storage, SHA-256 Hash Algorithm with HMAC, ECDSA sign-verify authentication
Secure communications (SROS2, IPSec, TLS).
File System encryption IEEE-1735-2014 Version 2
Secure unique ID storage in cryptochip.
Hacker-powered security through continuous penetration tests.
Communication interface Gigabit Ethernet network interface. Compliant with TSN standards: 802.1 ASrev/AS, 802.1Qbv, 802.1Qci, 802.1CB, 802.1Qcc.
Automatic update Over-the-Air (OTA)