Han´s Robot Joints - Product specification

The Han's Robot Modular Joints are industrial 2 DoF electrical motors that include precised encoders and an electro-mechanical breaking system for safety purposes. The Modular Joints natively speak ROS 2.0 and interoperate seamlessly with other ROS 2.0 based robot parts, regardless of their original manufacturer. Moreover, they provide time synchronization capabilities and offer deterministic communications enabled by TSN standards.

The Han's Robot Modular Joints are available in a variety of different torque and size combinations, going from 2.8 kg to 17 kg weight and from 9.4 Nm to 156 Nm rated torque.

You can download the datasheet from https://acutronicrobotics.com/products/modular-joints/files/Hans_ModularJoint_datasheet_v1.0.pdf

Electrical charactetistics Description
Power input 48V DC
Power consumption <200W
Communication interface 1 Gbps Ethernet network interface with IEEE 1588 and TSN support
Electrial connector H-ROS® connector A
Topology Daisy-chained modules, fully distributed

Software charactetistics Description
Robotics framework ROS 2 Crystal Clemmys
Information model Hardware Robot Information Model (HRIM®)
Communication middleware Data Distribution Service (DDS)
Simulation Gazebo
Operation system Embedded Real-time Linux
Secutiry Authentication
Security Dedicated crypto chip (tamper resistance, cryptographic key storage, SHA-256 Hash Algorithm with HMAC, ECDSA sign-verify authentication
Secure communications (SROS2, IPSec, TLS).
File System encryption IEEE-1735-2014 Version 2
Secure unique ID storage in cryptochip
Hacker-powered security through continuous penetration tests.
Automatic update Over-the-Air (OTA)
Communication interface 1 Gbps Ethernet
Compliant with TSN standards: 802.1 ASrev/AS, IEEE 1588, 802.1Qbv, 802.1Qci, 802.1CB, 802.1Qcc

Motion characteristics Description
Degrees of freedom 2 DoF
Motion range per axis ±360 degrees
Maximum speed 90 degree/s
Encoder resolution 20 arcsec
Rated torque See table

Mechanical characteristics Description
Dimensions See table
Weight See table
Working temperature 0-50 °C
Working humidity 10-80%
Materials Aluminium, ABS and PPMA plastic
IP Classification 54

TODO: Adapt with web and datasheet specifications

14 series 17 series 20 series 25 series 32 series
Rated torque 9.4Nm 30Nm 49Nm 85Nm 156Nm
Peak torque 34Nm 69Nm 104Nm 200Nm 420Nm
Maximum rotation speed 90 °/s 90 °/s 90 °/s 90 °/s 90 °/s
Weight 2.8Kg 3.8Kg 5.8Kg 9.6Kg 17Kg
Rotation angle ±360° ±360° ±360° ±360° ±360°
Repeatability 20arcsec 20arcsec 20arcsec 20arcsec 20arcsec
Communication EtherCAT EtherCAT EtherCAT EtherCAT EtherCAT
Supply voltage DC 48V DC 48V DC 48V DC 48V DC 48V
IP class IP54 IP54 IP54 IP54 IP54
Main material Aluminium alloy Aluminium alloy Aluminium alloy Aluminium alloy Aluminium alloy
Operative temperature range 0-50°C 0-50°C 0-50°C 0-50°C 0-50°C
Operative relative humidity range 10-80% 10-80% 10-80% 10-80% 10-80%

Parts are numbered as ModularJoint-F-T-S, where Fcorresponds with the original manufacturer, T is the rated torque identifier as specified in Table 1 and S is the serial number of that particular part. This can be better understood as follows:

$$\underbrace{\textit{ModularJoint}}_\text{general identifier}\overbrace{-F}^\text{manufacturer}\underbrace{\text{-T}}_\text{torque rating}\overbrace{\text{-S}}^\text{serial number}$$

  • ModularJoint-H-T9.4-1232X3 - Module originally from Hans Robot with torque of 9.4 Nm and with serial number 1232X3
  • ModularJoint-H-T30-5123X3 - Module originally from Hans Robot with torque of 30 Nm and with serial number 5123X3
Characteristic Value Type Identifier
Manufacturer (F) Hans Robot Hans Robot D-Modules H
Torque rating (T) 9.4 Nm - T9.4
30 Nm - T30
49 Nm - T49
85 Nm - T85
153 Nm - T156