Open Robot Controller (ORC)

Open Robot Controller (ORC), is a H-ROS ready box specifically designed and configured for modular robotics (H-ROS). The ORC includes the most popular ROS development tools already configured for fast prototyping and optimal performance.

Our solution comes with a state of the art motion planning software provided by MoveIt!, the most widely used open-source framework for robotic manipulators. This includes a wide range of motion planning algorithms, trajectory generation, inverse kinematics, collision checking, etc.

The ORC also includes some of the most popular ROS development tools, such as RViz and Gazebo. RViz and MoveIt! provide an HMI (Human Machine Interface) environment which facilitates the development of robotic applications to the user, providing features such as robot trajectory visualization, waypoint capturing, object manipulation and 3D perception, among others. On the other hand, Gazebo allows the user to simulate the robot's behavior before deploying the application in a real scenario.

According to our vision, communications between H-ROS modules are based on standard Ethernet in order improve the interoperability between robots and facilitate the robotic component integration, as explained here. This is because we only need a standard Ethernet interface in order to communicate the ORC with the robot. The ORC has a 1 Gbps standard Ethernet for communications with external network and a 1 Gbps TSN capable Ethernet interface to communicate with the internal robot network.

The controller comes with a GNU/Linux operating system with the PREEMPT-RT patch which allows to execute task deterministically. The PREEMPT-RT approach allows for real-time capabilities without losing compatibility with existing Linux software in contrast of other approaches (Xenomai, RTAI, VxWorks). Additionally, the system is already configured to prioritize critical tasks such as motion control and network communications.

For internal communications with the robot, a Time Sensitive networking (TSN) capable 1 Gbps Ethernet network card is used. This interface is compatible with some of the TSN standards (IEEE 802.1Qbv traffic scheduling, IEEE 802.1Qav credit based shaper and IEEE 802.1AS timing and synchronization). The TSN standards enhance the real-time capabilities of standard Ethernet and also provide time synchronization capabilities which allow to have a common reference clock for all devices in the robotic network.

Hardware Specifications
CPU Intel Core i7 @ 3.70GHz (6 cores)
RAM 256 GB 16 GB DDR4 2133MHz
Storage M.2 SSD interface PCI Express 3.0
Mother board 1 GB DDR3-1066
Communication interfaces 1Gbps Ethernet networkinterface with IEEE 1588 and TSN support
1Gbps Ethernet networkinterface with IEEE 1588 support
Software Specifications
OS GNU/Linux
Kernel 4.19.5
PREEMPT-RT patch version patch-4.19.5-rt4
Communication framework Data Distribution Service (DDS)
ROS 2.0 Crystal Clemmys
HRIM Coliza