Han's Robot modular joint

Han's Robot is a global supplier in direct drive technology, ranging from linear motors, torque motors, servo drives and robots to customized motors and other industrial automation solutions. Founded in Shenzhen, China in 2005, Han's Robot has rapidly grown to the leading company in its domestic market, fully equipped with over 400 dedicated people in R&D, production, supply chain, quality, sales, and support functions. The firm combines its technology strengths and domain expertise to provide a vast range of customer-focused solutions. Tens of thousands of direct drive motors are successfully applied in a wide spectrum of industries every year. Today, Hans's Robot successfully stands as one of the leading suppliers of innovative direct-drive products and solutions for industry customers.

Han's Robot's D-motor actuator is an industrial-grade 2 DoF electrical motor that includes encoders and a electro-mechanical braking system. The device is mostly used on industrial applications and is available on a variety of different torque and size combinations. The actuator operates as a EtherCAT slave and can be controlled through said bus.

14 series 17 series 20 series 25 series 32 series
Rated torque 9.4Nm 30Nm 49Nm 85Nm 156Nm
Peak torque 34Nm 69Nm 104Nm 200Nm 420Nm
Maximum rotation speed 90 °/s 90 °/s 90 °/s 90 °/s 90 °/s
Weight 2.8Kg 3.8Kg 5.8Kg 9.6Kg 17Kg
Rotation angle ±360° ±360° ±360° ±360° ±360°
Repeatability 20arcsec 20arcsec 20arcsec 20arcsec 20arcsec
Communication EtherCAT EtherCAT EtherCAT EtherCAT EtherCAT
Supply voltage DC 48V DC 48V DC 48V DC 48V DC 48V
IP class IP54 IP54 IP54 IP54 IP54
Main material Aluminium alloy Aluminium alloy Aluminium alloy Aluminium alloy Aluminium alloy
Operative temperature range 0-50°C 0-50°C 0-50°C 0-50°C 0-50°C
Operative relative humidity range 10-80% 10-80% 10-80% 10-80% 10-80%

SoM enabled Han's D-module

Our approach involves integrating the Hardware Robot Operating System (H-ROS) through our System on Module (SoM). This facilitates the whole process of integration and delivers a ROS native hardware actuator that can be used from the ROS network seamlessly and through a High Speed and Real-Time enabled communication interface. Moreover, the inclusion of H-ROS provides security protections and enhances the Han's D-module with additional capabilities such as inertial sensing Information, hardware power, lifecycle, etc.

H-ROS D-module data