MARA Cobot - The first modular robotic arm

MARA stands for Modular Articulated Robotic Arm and is a collaborative robotic arm with ROS 2.0 in each actuator, sensor or any other representative module. Each module has native ROS 2.0 support, can be physically extended in a seamless manner and delivers industrial-grade features including synchronization, deterministic communication latencies, a ROS 2.0 software and hardware component lifecycle, and more. Altogether, MARA empowers new possibilities and applications in the professional landscape of robotics.

Built with H-ROS

The H-ROS System on Module (SoM) is a tiny device for building industrial-grade plug-and-play robot modules. MARA is the first robot arm with ROS 2.0 at its core, powered by the SoM. All the components included in MARA have an H-ROS SoM inside, providing device-level modularity, security, interoperability, real-time communications and extensibility capabilities, among others.

The modular revolution

MARA is built with modularity at its core. It contains robot modules that interoperate and can be exchanged between robots, seamlessly. Thanks to the HRIM standard, MARA delivers a vendor-agnostic no lock-in experience. You're free to extend the robot with whatever sensor, actuator or any other ROS 2.0-enabled hardware module.

Collaborative. For real

Add additional sensors and enable new applications in a safe manner. We've built MARA having Industry 4.0 in mind. To collaborate with humans, side by side. Modular torque sensors, external safety cameras or other safety-enabling modules can be easily added.

Built with ROS 2.0

Fully distributed software and hardware robotic architecture powered by ROS 2.0, enabling new capabilities within robots. Examples include high levels of hardware introspection, selective control of each hardware component’s lifecycle (e.g. switch components on or off selectively, limit the power consumption, produce notifications, etc.), and simplifying predictive maintenance and even robot hardware comparisons.

A variety of end-effectors

We are working with manufacturers to modularize a wide range of end-effectors. Moreover, we have designed a mechanical system that allows changing the end-effector manually, without the need of any tool. Due to a simple but efficient design, with no gaps, MARA facilitates working in a time-saving, precise and meticulous manner.