MoveIt! Fake Controller Manager

MoveIt! comes with a series of fake trajectory controllers to be used in simulation. For example, the demo.launch generated by MoveIt’s setup assistant, employs fake controllers for nice visualization in RViz.

For configuration, edit the file config/fake_controllers.yaml, and adjust the desired controller type. The following controllers are available:

  • interpolate: perform smooth interpolation between via points - the default for visualization
  • via points: traverse via points, w/o interpolation in between - useful for visual debugging
  • last point: warp directly to the last point of the trajectory - fastest method for off-line benchmarking

rate: 10 (Hz, used for interpolation controller)
  - name: fake_manipulator_controller
      - motor1
      - motor2
      - motor3
      - motor4
      - motor5
      - motor6
  - name: fake_endeffector_controller

In order to load an initial pose, one can have a list of (group, pose) pairs as follows:

  - group: arm
    pose:  ready