MARA cobot - Configure your simulation environment

You can install ROS 2.0 in today's main platforms: Windows, Linux and OSX. You have two options to do it, here we provide some links to the official documentation:

Create a ROS workspace, for example:

mkdir -p ~/ros2_mara_ws/src
cd ~/ros2_mara_ws
sudo apt install -y python3-vcstool python3-numpy
vcs import src < mara-ros2.repos

Generate HRIM dependencies:

pip3 install hrim
cd ~/ros2_mara_ws/src/HRIM
hrim generate models/actuator/servo/servo.xml
hrim generate models/actuator/gripper/gripper.xml

Optional note: If you want to use MoveIT! you need to source ROS 1.0 environment variables. Typically, if you have installed ROS Kinetic, you need to source the following file:

source /opt/ros/kinetic/setup.bash

Right now you can compile the code:

source /opt/ros/crystal/setup.bash
cd ~/ros2_mara_ws && colcon build --merge-install