API - Simulation

Get the real MARA here

We need to launch several terminals in order to launch the gazebo simulation with ROS 2.0 compatibility, there are two main steps:

  • spawn the MARA model in Gazebo and publish the robot model
  • use RVIZ2 to visualize the model if needed

First thing we will do is launching the simulation with ROS 2.0 compatibility. You can choose one of the following ros2 launch depends on the gripper that you want to use:

source ~/ros2_mara_ws/install/setup.bash
ros2 launch mara_bringup mara_bringup.launch.py
ros2 launch mara_bringup mara_gripper_140.launch.py
ros2 launch mara_bringup mara_gripper_85.launch.py
ros2 launch mara_bringup mara_gripper_hande.launch.py

Gazebo simulation mara