H-ROS Connector A for robot modules

From communication perspective, the connector is a 8 pin connector distributed into 2 rows. As 4-pairs of data-wires can be connected, it provides Gigabit Ethernet speed connection to the modules.

For powering the robot modules, two power connectors are used, where one is connected to positive line and the other one to ground. Each connector has 4 pins, divided into two rows. The nominal current rating of each pin is of 2 A and they can stand a peak of 3 A. As for H-ROS modules, 48 volts are used by default in the positive line and a daisy-chaining communication and power supply method is used. The power is not connected in series, but in parallel, this is done at robot module level, where each power connector is electrically attached in parallel. This allows to connect each module to the previous one and not to the power supply, maintaining the electrical connection in parallel.

The pitch of the connectors is of 2.54mm/0.1" and they are built using copper alloy plated with a gold cover and nickel. For more information, please review the manufacturer datasheet.

H-ROS connector type-A's physical characteristics are the next ones:

Variable Value
Mechanical Specifications
Durability Up to 1.000.000 cycles
Electrical Specifications
Voltage Rating 100 Vrms/150 Vdc
Nominal Current 8 A
Peak Current 12 A
Contact Resistance 20 mOhm/per contact max.
Capacitance 1 pF/ per contact max.

The shape of the connectors provides the necessary flexibility to be attached to different robot modules.


This is how the connector pinout is assigned:


The 2x2 connectors provides 48 volts and ground connection. Regarding the connector that provides Gigabit Ethernet communications, wall connector pin-assignment has been followed in male connector, mirroring the order in female connector. In comparison with T-568B standard, this is how pin number and color assignment is set:

Pin Number Cable Color Signal
1 White & Orange BI_DA+
2 Solid Orange BI_DA-
3 White & Green BI_DB+
4 Solid Blue BI_DC+
5 White & Blue BI_DC-
6 Solid Green BI_DB-
7 White & Brown BI_DD+
8 Solid Brown BI_DD-

This are the 3-D model representation of the connectors, both, male and female:

H-ROS Connector type-A 3D

Manufacturer part-numbers used:

Manufacturer Manufacturer Part Number Description Quantity used Datasheet
Mill-Max 823-22-008-10-002101 8 Pin connector 1 https://www.mill-max.com/assets/pdfs/metric/013M.PDF
Mill-Max 823-22-004-10-002101 4 Pin connector 2 https://www.mill-max.com/assets/pdfs/metric/013M.PDF

Manufacturer Manufacturer Part Number Description Quantity used Datasheet
Mill-Max 419-10-208-00-008000 8 Pin connector 1 https://www.mill-max.com/products/datasheet/sockets/419-10-208-00-006000
Mill-Max 419-10-204-00-006000 4 Pin connector 2 https://www.mill-max.com/products/datasheet/sockets/419-10-204-00-006000