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There are different kinds of grippers, categorized according to the way of holding objects:

  • Finger gripper: by pressing.
  • Magnetic gripper: by magnetization.
  • Vacuum gripper: by suction.
HRIM defines a gripper as
An end-effector which enables the holding of an object.

Although there are different types, they all have the same objective, so, apart from the common requirements (ID, Status, Power, Specs and Simulation, detailed in HRIM component model section), all the grippers will contain a topic referring to grab objects.

HRIM component model: Gripper
/hrim_actuator_gripper_<instance_id>/id hrim_generic_msgs/msg/ID.msg topic (Sub) M Component identification.
/hrim_actuator_gripper_<instance_id>/status hrim_generic_msgs/msg/Status.msg topic (Sub) M How the module is working.
/hrim_actuator_gripper_<instance_id>/power hrim_generic_msgs/msg/Power.msg topic (Sub) M Describes the power supply type and give the information about the module power consumption.
/hrim_actuator_gripper_<instance_id>/specs_comm hrim_generic_msgs/msg/SpecsCommunication.msg topic (Sub) M Published the capabilities in term of communicaction that the component offers.
/hrim_actuator_gripper_<instance_id>/state_comm hrim_generic_msgs/msg/StateCommunication.msg topic (Sub) M Published the resources that the component is using at the moment.
/hrim_actuator_gripper_<instance_id>/module_3d hrim_generic_msgs/msg/Simulation3D.msg topic (Sub) M Ask for the 3D model of the HRIM component.
/hrim_actuator_gripper_<instance_id>/module_urdf hrim_generic_msgs/msg/SimulationURDF.msg topic (Sub) M Ask for the information of,3D model of the HRIM component.
/hrim_actuator_gripper_<instance_id>/specs hrim_actuator_gripper_msgs/msg/SpecsFingerGripper.msg
topic (Sub) M Gripper characteristics.
/hrim_actuator_gripper_<instance_id>/goal hrim_actuator_gripper_srvs/srv/GoalGripper.srv service M Order: on/off
/hrim_actuator_gripper_<instance_id>/state hrim_actuator_gripper_msgs/msg/StateGripper.msg topic (Sub) M Notify the state: on/off
/hrim_actuator_gripper_<instance_id>/goalpro hrim_actuator_gripper_srvs/srv/ControlFinger.srv
service O Related to Finger and Vacuum grippes.
It allows the user to perform the task controlling the different values.
/hrim_actuator_gripper_<instance_id>/state_finder_gripper hrim_actuator_gripper_msgs/msg/StateFingerGripper.msg topic (Sub) O The position of the fingers.
/hrim_actuator_gripper_<instance_id>/cycle_time hrim_actuator_gripper_msgs/msg/CycleTime.msg topic (Sub) O Define the time to finish a cycle.
/hrim_actuator_gripper_<instance_id>/goal_pressuree hrim_actuator_gripper_msgs/msg/GoalTactilePressure.msg topic (Sub) O Related to Finger gripper.
Maximum pressure gripper must do.
/hrim_actuator_gripper_<instance_id>/reconfiguration hrim_sensor_imu_msgs/msg/Reconfiguration.msg topic (Sub) O Dynamic reconfiguration of H-ROS systems. The integration of an IMU sensor is needed.