HRIM defines a GPS as
A device that calculates geographical location by satellites.

So, apart from the common requirements (ID, Status, Power, Specs and Simulation, detailed in HRIM component model section), all GPS will contain a topic referring to publishing a position.

HRIM component model: GPS
/hrim_sensor_gps_<instance_id>/id hrim_generic_msgs/msg/ID.msg topic (Sub) M Component identification.
/hrim_sensor_gps_<instance_id>/status hrim_generic_msgs/msg/Status.msg topic (Sub) M How the module is working.
/hrim_sensor_gps_<instance_id>/power hrim_generic_msgs/msg/Power.msg topic (Sub) M Describes the power supply type and give the information about the module power consumption.
/hrim_sensor_gps_<instance_id>/specs_comm hrim_generic_msgs/msg/SpecsCommunication.msg topic (Sub) M Published the capabilities in term of communicaction that the component offers.
/hrim_sensor_gps_<instance_id>/state_comm hrim_generic_msgs/msg/StateCommunication.msg topic (Sub) M Published the resources that the component is using at the moment.
/hrim_sensor_gps_<instance_id>/module_3d hrim_generic_msgs/msg/Simulation3D.msg topic (Sub) M Ask for the 3D model of the HRIM component.
/hrim_sensor_gps_<instance_id>/module_urdf hrim_generic_msgs/msg/SimulationURDF.msg topic (Sub) M Ask for the information of,3D model of the HRIM component.
/hrim_sensor_gps_<instance_id>/specs hrim_sensor_gps_msgs/msg/SpecsGPS.msg topic (Sub) M Device features.
/hrim_sensor_gps_<instance_id>/position hrim_sensor_gps_msgs/msg/Position.msg topic (Sub) M Robot position.
/hrim_sensor_gps_<instance_id>/state hrim_sensor_gps_msgs/msg/StateGPS.msg topic (Sub) M Notify the state, Navigation Satellite fix.
/hrim_sensor_gps_<instance_id>/reconfiguration hrim_sensor_imu_msgs/msg/Reconfiguration.msg topic (Sub) O Dynamic reconfiguration of H-ROS systems. The integration of an IMU sensor is needed.
frame_id string M Sets the TF frame from which the GPS is publishing.
satellite_min uint s M Minimum number of connected satellites to navigate autonomusly.