HRIM Models

In order to build any robot, real world implementation requires taking into account the common hardware components used in robotics. The robot modules have been classified in 7 types of devices which correspond to the task they can perform:

Before starting with particular HRIM component models we recommend looking at the general structure page.








Bio-inspired structure: To understand the classification easily, you can compare it with a human. Where the sensor is the information that you take from the environment (vision, taste, touch etc.), the actuator makes you give an answer (a movement, speak etc.), the cognition, the brain, makes all the decisions (for example the coordination of all your body or decision-making are orders of the brain), the communication part is in charge of all the inner connections of our body (the spine is one of the most important, if you break it you can not control your legs for example), the power is the energy that the human need to life (the food for example), the user interface is something external that control you (in everyday life we do not have things like this, may be the medicine uses them) and to finish we have the composite which is a type created properly to meet a need for robotics. In the glossary you can find the official definitions.

Furthermore, the device classification, is a valuable information for whole module system, since depending on the device´s type, the reaction will be different (for example the cognition will provide different permisions).