Acutronic Robotics, funded by DARPA and Sony, launches the H-ROS SoM, a hardware component that makes robot modularity real, and presents MARA robotic arm, the first modular cobot.

At ROSCon 2018 and IROS 2018, Acutronic Robotics has unveiled two years of research on robot modularity.

H-ROS, the Hardware Robot Operating System, is here. After two years of development, Acutronic Robotics’ standardized software and hardware infrastructure to create modular robots hits the robotic market.

It does so through a tiny modularity stack, the H-ROS SoM, that makes modularity possible in a vendor-agnostic manner, without restrictions. Any robot-component from any manufacturer can be “modularized” with the  H-ROS SoM.

Acting from within each robot component, the SoM enormously simplifies the process of integrating robot parts, reducing the cost and time to market. It does so by offering ROS in a module, which provides a unique opportunity to unify robotics.

Robot components from all kind of manufacturers can become ROS-native. In other words, speak the same language and get compared with each other. This will break with the current lock-in in the robotics field and lead to a competitive landscape.

In addition, the SoM provides a complete package with automatic updates, a high speed (Gigabit Ethernet), synchronous and real-time capable communication bus; a Real-Time Operating System or an enhanced and industry-grade ROS 2 setup.

MARA, the first modular collaborative robot built with H-ROS

Acutronic Robotics company has also launched a demonstration of the H-ROS SoM implementation. The Swiss firm has unveiled MARA robotic arm (Modular Articulated Robotic Arm), the first M-cobot (modular cobot) with the Robot Operating System (ROS 2) running into each actuator, sensor or other robot component. This is, built with the SoM.

MARA is a truly modular plug-and-play collaborative robot arm which can be physically extended in a seamless manner and thus adapts to any specific application. It offers industrial-grade features  and empowers new possibilities in the professional landscape of robotics. Particularly, it has been created to solve new and challenging industry automation demands that require dexterity and flexibility.

The H-ROS SoM is commercially available. Additional information can be requested through Visit us at our stand at ROSCon 2018 or join us at IROS 2018 in the System Integration seminar!