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Advanced Factories, to be held 9-11 April, is the largest European Congress on advanced and digital industry. Meet our modular robot arm MARA there.

MARA is the first modular and collaborative robotic arm. Each of its modules is self-sufficient, interchangeable and easily replaceable or repairable. Being composed of modules makes it a highly customizable robot and greatly simplifies its construction, reparation or maintenance work.

For its flexibility and cutting edge technology, MARA is suitable both for Industry 4.0 and for use in research and development departments. In addition, as each of its modules works with native ROS 2, this robotic arm is especially suitable for the development of open source applications.

This was MARA at the European Robotics Forum 2019 in Bucharest.

Modular robots are the present and the future of robotics. Mounting, maintaining, adapting and reusing robots must be an easy task, accessible to all industrial players. Through modular robotics, it is possible to automate new tasks, also in SMEs.

Both manufacturing companies and users benefit from a simple process of replacement and reparation of parts, as well as the possibility of reusing the robot's hardware, obtaining an even better ROI. The technical specifications of MARA can be found here. Get in touch with the sales team at Acutronic Robotics through, or get a demo and free tickets for Advanced Factories 2019.

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