The company announces that it will shut its doors on July 31st

Acutronic Robotic's team back in May.
“We continue to believe that our robot modularity technology and vision are relevant strategically speaking, both product and positioning wise, however we probably hit the market too early and fell short of resources”, CEO Víctor Mayoral states.

Mayoral and his team worked extensively in the past few months to find sources of capital. Despite having considered proposals from several parties interested in an acquisition, unfortunately none of them could be agreed upon.

Acutronic Robotics was founded in 2016 after acquiring the robotics startup Erle Robotics. The company’s vision was to develop H-ROS, a communication bus specifically designed for robots. The team, based in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain), was able to secure partnerships with a number of important players in the industry and created MARA, the first robot running on ROS 2 natively.

Actively involved in the global robotics community, Acutronic Robotics was co-steering the development of ROS 2 and participating in a variety of robotic groups while funding organizations to advance the state of robotics.

“We are absolutely convinced that ROS is a key blueprint for the future of robotics. The ROS robotics community has been a constant inspiration for all of us over these past years and I’m sure that with the new ROS 2, many more companies will be inspired in the same way. Our team members are excited about their next professional steps and I’m sure many of us will stay very close to the ROS community” says Mayoral.