Víctor Mayoral (CEO) will set the technical direction for ROS 2, the second generation of the Robot Operating System, together with representatives from Amazon, Arm, Bosch, Intel or Microsoft.

In September, Open Robotics, the organization behind the robot operating system (ROS), announced a ROS 2 Technical Steering Committee (TSC) to set the technical direction for ROS 2, the second generation of the Robot Operating System.

Representing Acutronic Robotics, Víctor Mayoral (CEO) will now join this group.
The ROS 2 Technical Steering Committee is broadening participation to accelerate ROS 2 delivery: determining the roadmap, developing core tools and libraries and establishing working groups to focus on important topics.

Víctor and his team will make continued significant contributions to ROS 2 in three main areas:

  • Real-Time: In order for ROS 2 to enter industrial applications, deterministic behaviors are a must. After a series of open publications on how to achieve real-time responses with ROS 2 in embedded devices, Acutronic Robotics will create a Real-Time Quality Assurance farm that will benchmark ROS 2 communications in best-of-class OEM vendors for robotic applications including relevant players like Xilinx, worldwide leader in Real-Time solutions delivering the highest levels of safety and reliability.
  • Interoperability: While ROS is the ‘de facto’ standard for robot application development, there are several other initiatives of relevance gaining traction in robotics industry. In order to facilitate a bridge among them and provide manufacturers a single information model of operation, Acutronic Robotics will contribute to a common information model named HRIM. Agnostic to the robotic framework and built following a Model-driven Engineering (MDE) methodology, it represents the information exchanged among robot components in XML.
  • Motion planning: To boost the capabilities of its modular ROS 2 native robot, MARA robotic arm, Acutronic Robotics will contribute to the ROS 2 community by porting the MoveIt! motion planning framework to Moveit2.

Other members of the ROS 2 Steering Committee, representing organizations that are contributing to the development of ROS 2, are Microsoft, Intel, Arm, LG or Bosch among others.

Since the beginning of ROS, the project has been overseen and prioritized primarily by one organization - first Willow Garage and now Open Robotics-. Although this approach worked -as evidenced by the widespread adoption of ROS around the world- with ROS 2, things are meant to be done even faster and more effectively.