The new H-ROS SoM modularity stack, a disruptive hardware component that includes ROS 2 and provides precision real-time and deterministic collaboration across components, was launched by Acutronic Robotics at ROSCon 2018 in concert with Xilinx through use of the company’s Zynq®​-7000 SoC family and Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) Subsystem IP Core.

The H-ROS SoM can modularize any component from any manufacturer. The device includes ROS 2 and provides precision real-time and deterministic collaboration across components 

Acutronic Robotics has partnered with Xilinx, the leader in programmable System-on-Chips (SoCs), to hit the robotics market with a disruptive robot modularity solution.

The Swiss firm, who acquired Erle Robotics in 2016, launched H-ROS, a standardized software and hardware infrastructure to create modular robots which aims to simplify the system integration process in robotics.

H-ROS is deployed on each robot part through a tiny hardware device called H-ROS System on Module (SoM), that uses Xilinx’s Zynq®​-7000 SoC family.

The H-ROS SoM facilitates modularity by delivering plug+play capabilities, interoperability, extensibility, reconfigurability as well as real-time and security. It is the result of years of research about robot modularity originally funded by DARPA, and later supported by Acutronic, and the Japanese company, Sony.

Víctor Mayoral, CTO at Acutronic Robotics, says: “The H-ROS SoM will bring robotics to the next step. This modularity solution addresses many of the problems that arise during robots’ system integration. Modularity provides flexibility and adaptability for modern robots. We are proud to have Xilinx as a partner, walking together with us on this path which will clearly shape the future of robotics”
“Robotics are the ultimate expression of industrial automation systems by integrating control, communications, vision, artificial intelligence, human-machine interfaces, cybersecurity and safety, says Christoph Fritsch, Senior Director Industrial IoT, Scientific & Medical (ISM) at Xilinx. We are excited to collaborate with Acutronic Robotics, enabling the industry to reduce time-to-market, form-factor, and total cost of ownership while maximizing intelligence and adaptability of these assets.”

Modular hardware, regardless of the manufacturer

Any robot-component from any manufacturer can be now “modularized” with the H-ROS SoM. The hardware device makes robot modularity possible without restrictions or any vendor lock-in. That way, it enormously simplifies the process of integrating robot parts, reducing the cost and time-to-market.

The H-ROS SoM provides each robot part with the second-generation Robot Operating System (ROS 2). Therefore, robots can be physically extended in a seamless manner-just by adding robot parts- and adapt to any specific application.

The tiny SoM leverages Xilinx’s programmable SoC and Gigabit Ethernet Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) subsystem IP Core for real-time and deterministic communication between SoMs. It offers industrial-grade features, software for automatic updates, and empowers new possibilities in the professional landscape of robotics.

The H-ROS SoM is commercially available for robot manufacturers through partnerships. Additional information can be requested at Read more about the benefits of H-ROS SoM’s.