Comprised of self-contained modules, MARA robotic arm runs ROS 2 into each of its actuators. This first of a kind 6DoF collaborative robot is available worldwide for pre-orders at

Acutronic Robotics will exhibit MARA robotic arm at ROS-Industrial 2018 Conference in Stuttgart . December 11-13. Moreover, Víctor Mayoral, CEO, will address system integration and modular robotics using ROS, on December the 12th.

With HQ in Switzerland, the US and Spain and supported by the Japanese Sony, Acutronic Robotics specializes in modular robotics to tackle one of robotics developments’ greatest bottlenecks: the integration phase.

MARA robotic arm’s modularity works through the H-ROS SoM, a small hardware device that makes any robot part compatible and interoperable with others, regardless of its vendor. Thanks H-ROS SoM, MARA robotic arm is seamlessly extensible by just adding robot parts.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA organizes ROS-Industrial Conference in Stuttgart's SI-Centrum. From 11 to 13 December 2018 the event covers everything related to ROS technologies, applications and next challenges to overcome.