The startup has made the end-of-arm tooling modular and seamlessly interoperable with all other ROS 2.0 speaking robotic components, regardless of their original manufacturer.

Through a recent strategic agreement, the high-tech startup Acutronic Robotics, invested by Sony and Acutronic, has add modular characteristics to three of the biggest-selling adaptive grippers in the market: Robotiq's Hand E, 2F-85 and 2F-140. Ranging from 50mm to 140mm stroke, all three grippers are now available worldwide via Acutronic Robotics’ website in its modular version.

Acutronic Robotics uses its cutting-edge H-ROS technology to further pave the way for a more flexible automation. Modularity reduces system integration effort,  one of the largest bottlenecks in robotic development. In other words, modularizing robot parts makes building, extending or repairing robots much simpler and efficient.

More Adaptability and Flexibility Through Modular Robotics

New industry players are discovering robot development for themselves to extend automation to new applications, and they are using ROS instead of building their own proprietary software system. Acutronic Robotics' vision has allowed the startup to foresee this trend and develop a solution that is one step ahead and market-ready.

For Acutronic Robotics this widespread adoption of ROS is only the first step.

“We believe that robots will soon all be speaking ROS in a native way. With H-ROS we are leading the change and working with manufacturers that contribute to the robotics community”, says Víctor Mayoral, CEO of Acutronic Robotics.

Among other highly valuable features, the new Robotiq Modular Grippers are qualified to achieve time synchronization and deterministic communications enabled with TSN standards. Moreover, thanks to Robotiq and to Acutronic Robotics' design team, all three grippers are easy to install manually and designed to work perfectly with collaborative robots for a fast, easy, plug & play integration.

The new ROS 2 native Robotiq Modular Grippers, based on 2F-140, 2F-85 and Hand-E.

For clients already owning a Robotiq gripper, Acutronic Robotics has also launched an "add on" solution: the Modular Adapter, an independent coupling that enables to make any of the three Robotiq Adaptive Grippers modular and ROS 2.0 native. The Modular Adapter has been designed to be easily fixed to the grippers, through a simple Ethernet connector.