MARA is a modular robot manipulator featuring real-time, synchronization, security and safety thanks to the new H-ROS robot bus, a technology that was supported by SONY Innovation Fund through its investment in the startup Acutronic Robotics.

The H-ROS robot bus provides real-time and synchronization over ROS 2. Thanks to H-ROS, this robot controller can work with 5 or more robotic arms. 

Full article here: Multi-robot coordination through distributed (sub-microsecond) synchronization.

This is sensorless collision detection with a MARA robotic arm running ROS 2. Using the MoveIt 2 dynamic model we are able to detect collisions without any external torque sensor. 
We train a robot in simulation using AI techniques (Neural Networks). Thanks to Acutronic Robotics' ros2learn and gym-gazebo 2 open source frameworks, the real robot [right] is capable of mimicking the behaviors trained in simulation [left] accurately. Everything, over ROS 2. Read full article.

Full article here: Reinforcement Learning with Gazebo and ROS 2 in an industrial robot

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