World's first modular cobot

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We proudly present MARA,
the first robotic arm which runs ROS2 on each joint

MARA empowers new possibilities and applications in the professional landscape of robotics. Built out of individual modules that natively run ROS2, the modular robotic arm can be physically extended in a seamless manner. MARA delivers industrial-grade features such as time synchronization or deterministic communication latencies.

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Powered by ROS2

A fully distributed software and hardware robotic architecture.

Highly customizable

With daisy chaining, power and communication are exposed at the module level allowing for simplified extensions.

Real time data monitoring

Every H-ROS module is able to monitorize a variety of intrinsic aspects in real-time.

Power readings

Instantaneous voltage, current and power readings from each module, individually.

Automatic re-configuration

Embedded accelerometers, magnetometers and gyroscopes empower each module with inertial data.

HW and SW life cycle

Life cycle for each module allows greater control over the state of the ROS system and the underlying components.

Controllable from any ROS2 enabled computer

ORC is the ideal complement for MARA, but not mandatory. Choose yourself how you steer MARA.


  • Degrees of freedom 6 DoF, extensible
  • Maximum speed 90º/s
  • Repeatability ±0.1 mm
  • Rated torque 9.4/30 Nm
  • Payload 3 kg
  • Weight 21 kg
  • Height 871 mm
  • Reach 656 mm
  • Footprint 204 mm
  • Robotics framework ROS 2 Crystal Clemmys
  • Communication interfaces1 Gbps Ethernet
    Compliant with TSN standards
  • Information modelHardware Robot Information Model (HRIM®)
    version Coliza
  • SecurityEncrypted and secure computing environment
    Secure data exchange capabilities
  • Automatic updatesOver-the-Air (OTA)
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Powered by the H-ROS SoM

The H-ROS System on Module (SoM) is a tiny device for building industrial grade plug & play robot modules. All the modules that compose MARA have an H-ROS SoM inside, running ROS2 natively, and providing security, interoperability, real-time and extensibility capabilities, among others.

Discover the SoM

A truly modular, extensible and scalable robotic arm

MARA can be extended just by adding robot parts. The system is also scalable: from one module to even hundreds of it plugged together. Modularity allows you to customize your robotic arm for that specific application you need.

IMG. MARA 3D view

H-ROS Connector A

The H-ROS connector family greatly simplifies the assembly of the modules providing contacts for power and communication purposes. Spring-based, the contacts offer the needed tolerance and flexibility. Thanks to this, an easy mechanical coupling can be made, avoiding cables.

Discover the H-ROS Connector

Best of class end-effectors

We are working with leading manufacturers to modularize a wide range of end-effectors. Moreover, we have designed a mechanical system that allows to change the end-effector manually, without needing any tool. Due to a simple but efficient design, without gaps, MARA robotic arm allows to work in a time-saving, precise and meticulous manner.

Modular Grippers

Powered by HRIM

A common information model for robots.

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Simulate MARA with Gazebo

Gazebo is an essential tool in every roboticist's toolbox. Download realistic simulated models for MARA and try your application out before buying.

Meshes URDF Simulation instructions

A ROS 2 native robot.
Plug & play

Hardware configuration made easy