Modular Grippers

ROS 2.0 robot grippers

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Industrial and modular end-of-arm tooling

As they are key to highly flexible automation tasks, we have enhanced three different robot grippers from Robotiq through the H-ROS SoM. Ranging from 50mm to 140mm stroke.

ROS 2.0 native

Ready to be steered with MARA, the first truly modular cobot.

Independent ROS 2.0 adapter, plug & play

Easy to install manually and seamlessly working with other modular robot components.

Real-time, time-sensitive communications

Qualified -through the H-ROS SoM- to achieve time synchronization and deterministic communications enabled with TSN standards.

Ideal for MARA

Three highly adaptable robot grippers to be used in combination with MARA or other ROS 2.0 enabled robots. Now you can operate them from ROS 2.0 directly, by using a simple Ethernet connection.



Original gripper Hand-E 2F-85 2F-140
Stroke (adjustable) 50 mm 85 mm 140 mm
Grip force (adjustable) 60 to 130 N 20 to 235 N 10 to 125 N
Form-fit grip payload 5 kg 5 kg 2.5 kg
Friction grip payload 3 kg 5 kg 2.5 kg
Gripper mass 1 kg 0.9 kg 1 kg
Position resolution (fingertip) 0.2 mm 0.4 mm 0.6 mm
Closing speed (adjustable) 20 to 150 mm/s 20 to 150 mm/s 30 to 250 mm/s
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Already have the robot gripper?

Modularize it yourself by using the adapter we’ve designed. Make the robot gripper H-ROS ready.

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H-ROS connector A

The H-ROS connector family greatly simplifies the assembly of the modules providing contacts for power and communication purposes. Spring-based, the contacts offer the needed tolerance and flexibility. Thanks to this, an easy mechanical coupling can be made, avoiding cables.

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