Torque Sensor

Build a sensitive manipulator

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Smooth motion, ROS 2 native

Torque sensors are key to sensitive tasks. They detect forces and torque in all axes and give feedback to the robot to adapt its motion to feel the minimum of force that is being applied. We have enhanced this module through the H-ROS robot bus, making it qualified to achieve time synchronization and enabled with TSN standards.

ROS 2 native

Speaking the second generation of ROS, a common language for roboticists. Ready to work together with MARA, the first modular robotic arm.


It detects and measures robot contacts in order to improve the robot control.

Easy to place

This torque sensor can be easily placed on the robot thanks to our quick tool changer system.


Qualified through H-ROS to achieve time synchronization and deterministic communications enabled with TSN standards.

Fx,Fy,Fz Mx,My,Mz
Measuring range ± 300 N ± 30 Nm
Overload capacity 500% 500%
Signal noise 0.1 N 0.005 Nm (Mx,My)/
0.003 Nm (Mz)
Recommended threshold for contact detection 1 N 0.02 Nm (Mx,My)/
0.01 Nm (Mz)
Tool deflection at maximum measurable load 0.01 mm 0.17 deg (Mx,My)/
0.09 deg (Mz)
External noise sensitivity Immune
Data output rate
(data stream mode)
100 Hz
Mass 300 g
specs image

H-ROS connector A

The H-ROS connector family greatly simplifies the assembly of the modules providing contacts for power and communication purposes. Spring-based, the contacts offer the needed tolerance and flexibility. Thanks to this, an easy mechanical coupling can be made, avoiding cables.


Gazebo is an essential tool in every roboticists’ toolbox. Download realistic simulated models for MARA and try your application out before buying.

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