Acutronic Robotics

A robotics startup delivering
next-generation robot solutions

We are leading some of the latest innovations in robotics and have created the Hardware Robot Operating System (H-ROS), a communication bus for robots that allows real-time transfer of data between robots and robot components.

Acutronic Robotics was founded in 2016 after the acquisition of the robotics startup Erle Robotics. Before, DARPA supported our vision of H-ROS, a communication bus specifically designed for robots.

We are backed by Sony Innovation Fund and have partnered with big players such as Xilinx Inc, Robotiq, Han's Robot or DH Robotics to move from vision to reality.

Actively involved in the global robotics community, we are steering the development of ROS 2 and participating in a variety of groups while funding organizations to advance the state of robotics.

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