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Industrial motors

The Han's Robot Modular Joints are industrial 2 DoF electrical motors that include precised encoders and an electro-mechanical breaking system for safety purposes. The Modular Joints natively speak ROS 2.0 and interoperate seamlessly with other ROS 2.0 based robot parts, regardless of their original manufacturer. Moreover, they provide time synchronization capabilities and offer deterministic communications enabled by TSN standards.

The Han's Robot Modular Joints are available in a variety of different torque and size combinations, going from 2.8 kg to 17 kg weight and from 9.4 Nm to 156 Nm rated torque.

H-ROS connector A

The H-ROS connector family greatly simplifies the assembly of the modules providing contacts for power and communication purposes. Spring-based, the contacts offer the needed tolerance and flexibility. Thanks to this, an easy mechanical coupling can be made, avoiding cables.

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rated torque 9.4Nm 30Nm 49Nm 85Nm 156Nm
peak torque 34Nm 69Nm 104Nm 200Nm 420Nm
max rotation speed 90º/s 90º/s 90º/s 90º/s 90º/s
weight 2.8kg 3.8kg 5.8kg 9.6kg 17kg
rotation angle ±360º ±360º ±360º ±360º ±360º
repeatability 20arcsec 20arcsec 20arcsec 20arcsec 20arcsec
communication Gigabit Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet
supply voltage DC 48V DC 48V DC 48V DC 48V DC 48V
main material aluminum allow aluminum allow aluminum allow aluminum allow aluminum allow
working temperature 0-50ºC 0-50ºC 0-50ºC 0-50ºC 0-50ºC
price 4.799€ 4.899€ 4.999€
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Powered by the H-ROS SoM

The H-ROS System on Module (SoM) is a tiny device for building industrial grade plug-and-play robot modules. All the Hans Robot Modular Joints have an H-ROS SoM inside, running ROS 2.0 natively, and providing security, interoperability, real-time and extensibility capabilities, among others.

Powered by HRIM

A common information model for robots.

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