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Acutronic Robotics
robot modularity

There are hundreds of robotic companies making incompatible hardware. We solve this problem through H-ROS, a communication bus for robots.

1. The robot bus
A communication bus
designed for modular robots

3. Universal robot language: ROS 2
ROS 2 is the de facto standard for
robot application development.
The universal robot API

4. A common ROS dialect
One dialect. Model-driven generated.
Interoperability across manufacturers


2. Vehicle for the H-ROS bus
A tiny device
that enables modularity
on each robot part

The robot bus
Thought for modularity. Real-time capable, secure and safe. Powered by ROS 2.

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Adopt H-ROS robot bus easily
Add and configure the H-ROS SoM to obtain all benefits.

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ROS2 logo

ROS 2 native hardware
Make your hardware first class participant of the ROS ecosystem. Without intermediaries.

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One interface, all robot modules
HRIM it simplifies interoperability and reconfigurability. It allows to connect ROS systems with others, including OPC UA ones.

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